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GenCon, Day 2

Fantastic, fabulous, super day. Dead on my blistered feet, but woohoo are we feeling the love! The hall was crowded and business at the booth was brisk. We're down to just a few copies of the signed and numbered copies of The Red Star Campaign Setting and Foes of Freedom, and we've had to put in a restock order from the Osseum warehouse for some other titles. We're already out of stock on all the gamer's satchels I was able to carry with me from Seattle, all but a couple of M&M t-shirts, and we only have one Cosmo the Moon Monkey plushie left. It's been wild and wonderful.

Have had lots of very productive meetings.

Topping it off, today was a day of seeing lots of friends and fans, followed by the ENnies where Green Ronin and our publishing partners (The Game Mechanics, Human Head, Dog House Rules) really felt the love. Biggest satisfaction for me was winning the Gold ENnie for Best Publisher, so exciting! It was really wonderful to feel that all the lvoe and care and attention we've put into our work has been noted and appreciated out there.

Basking in the after-glow. Tomorrow is the crappy GAMA FVM meeting, at which I will not be feeling any love.


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Blogger Rob L. Says:

By the way, Nik, it was great to be able to spend some quality time with you & Chris.


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