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Bite of Seattle

With record-breaking hot weather forcing us out of our house the last couple of days, I tried a pre-emptive strike and dragged Pramas out to the Bite of Seattle where I hoped to enjoy some food and sunshine before the weather became too oppressive. We mostly succeeded.

We got a late start in part because Chris desperately needed a haircut before wandering around in the hot sun. Downtown the bus to the event was packed so tightly that the driver had to throw open the doors at stops and call out, "Sorry, we're full!" before rolling on past forlorn would-be riders waiting on the hot sidewalks. Luckily we got on early enough and got a seat but it was outrageously hot and uncomfortable anyway.

Arriving at Bite, we exited the bus at the first opportunity and walked in the other direction from the rest of the crowd for a bit, eventually winding our way back to the main attraction. It was just too hot and too crowded. We wandered a while, took in some sights, browsed the food offerings and eventually dug in. I've posted photos at my Flickr site.

One thing that amused me was that we saw four different bands on three different stages and every single time we saw one guy (a different guy each time but always one guy) out in front, singing and/or dancing away to the bad. Black Dog even commented on their Biggest Fan during their set, "Everytime we're out, whether we play Bite of Seattle or something else, this guy is always out there!" Amused the heck out of me.

After we'd finished investigating the Bite, we headed back to Pacific Place to enjoy their air-conditioning. We toyed with seeing a movie but nothing was timed right. Instead we nestled into a restaurant/bar to steel ourselves with a couple of icy cold margaritas before heading back to the hotbox that is our house on days like today. The sun's starting to go down now and the house is opened up and cooling off as best as we can manage. It ought to be more comfortable in another couple of hours.


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