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Bleh, GenCon was great, but now I'm home with Con Crud and handling the inevitable fifteen things that fell through the cracks or caught fire, or that I screwed up before I left. Nothing like returning home to what amounts to a flaming bag of dog crap on your porch to kill that GenCon buzz.

I spent much of yesterday sleeping and coughing. Was annoyed to find out that a person who had placed an order through our webstore on the 14th, that shipped on the 16th had refused the package and had it returned while we were away at GenCon. God, I hate that shit! Place an order Sunday night and it's filled by Tuesday afternoon (on the eve of GenCon no less) and that's not good enough? Jesus H.

Conked out hard again last night and slept hard through the night. Feeling much better this morning, only a mild headache and much less trouble with my throat and voice. Am forcing myself to keep at it in order to catch up with things, as tomorrow I have to be up at 5:30am to pick up a Flexcar downtown and pick Kate up from her dad's, then take her to her Zookids orientation. Bad timing, feeling sick and having lots on my plate for GR, but this is the first time she's ever been involved in anything like this and I'm going to do everything I can to support her.

I had a bunch of great GenCon stories I'd planned to share, but somehow I find myself feeling deflated and unmotivated to write them up just now. Bummer.


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