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GenCon Indy 05 - Day Two

No time to post much because I need to go out and celebrate! The ENnies were tonight and we were honored with several first and second place wins at the ceremony. If I can, I'll try to write up the ceremony in more detail later, but right now I'm holding certificates for Silver ENnies for Best Cover Art (Blue Rose), Best Campaign Setting (Black Company), Best Adversary/Monster Product (Advanced Bestiary), Best D20 Game (Blue Rose), Best Rules (Blue Rose), and Fan's Choice Best Publisher, plus Gold ENnie trophies for Best Game (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) and Best Publisher.

Wonderful ceremony, great venue, and awards that meant enough to me that they brought tears to my eyes (and not just for myself). Other big winners (off the top of my head and by no means a comprehensive list) included White Wolf (in several categories), Malhavoc Press, Paizo, Atlas Games, Hero Games (for Scott Bennie's adventure, congratulations Scott!) and our friends and OGL Interlink partners Paradigm Publishing for their First Place finish for Fan's Choice Best Publisher!

What a great, great night and a wonderful validation of the hard work we've put in this last, very difficult year.


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Blogger Jason Says:

Congratulations for the wins and the recognition. You guys do some fantastic work.

Blogger Alan Kellogg Says:

Nik, read about the awards over at ENWorld. Most of the time my response was, "GR wuz robbed." :)

You done good.

BTW, think GR will ever do an SRD of True20? I know Chris wants to maintain a level of quality for products associated with the True20 name, but an SRD of the system would help designers and publishers immensely.

(Then there's the fact I'm trying to save up for a new computer (Mac Mini) and monitor, so funds are tight right now. (Aint I a charity case? :) ))

Blogger Toren Q Atkinson Says:

I for one make regular use of my Advanced Bestiary, and it is a joy and a wonder. Can't wait for the Advanced Races.


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