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Freakin' Insomnia

Damn. Fell asleep watching Good Eats on the TiVo with Kate around 9:30. Woke up around midnight and have been up since. Did some crossword puzzles, took care of some software updates, thought I might fall asleep around 4:00, but no, still awake.

At least the internet is working at the moment. The last several days we have been having terrible service, with lots of "operation timed out" and "www.whatyouwerelookingfor.com cannot be reached" messages. HIGHLY frustrating in the lead-up to GenCon, when lots of things need to be done (including, you know, internet commerce and frantic e-mailing).

Tuesday night we leave on our Hell Flight (Seattle to Salt Lake City, SLC to Newark on the red-eye, Newark to Indy so we can arrive Wednesday morning as we wanted to). I'm not ready.


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Anonymous Dr John K Says:

That's quite an itinerary. Are you sure you don't want to book an international leg while you're at it? (I recommend a layover at Heathrow...)

Good luck getting to GenCon, though, I only have to brave the orange barrels.


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