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Why am I awake?

Sick child is sleeping in my bed, which means that I am not. I turned out the lights about 12:30 and was awakened by a sad little sick girl about 4:00am. Young miss has a loft bed which is usually all the coolness but when she's feeling unwell it's not so good.

This doesn't explain why I've been up between 5:00am and 6:00am every other day this week, but it does account for now.

Poor kiddo is supposed to be going camping with Grandma this holiday weekend, a tradition they've shared for most of her life. She'll be crushed if she can't go, but I can't send her off into the woods if she's really sick. Unexpectedly having her around and sick over the weekend is going to put a crimp in my plans to go to the Seattle International Film Festival: I have tickets to see Punk: Attitude tonight and The Gits on Monday with Pramas.


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