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Kate is home sick, sore throat again. With stunningly appropriate timing, I just received a bill for another $100 owed to the hospital from the last time I took her in for a sore throat that turned out to be nothing.

The school called me to come get her as I was in the middle of writing up my formal complaint to the Homeowner's association. I tried to complete that today by including some digital photos of my porch and the neglected park, but my anti-technology aura struck again. I can't get my card reader to read any of the media cards; the camera thinks they're "full" but also claims there are no pictures to delete. (This happened with three different cards.)

I brought Kate home and then had to run out to get meds for her, and since I had to reserve the Flexcar unexpectedly I threw together a bunch of other errands to run all at the same time. Developed a "pre" headache behind my right eye that never blossomed into a full-blown killer but kept me from being fully functional all the same.

Prior to tonight I'd been on a bit of a cooking kick again. Successfully pulled off from-scratch raisin bread for Sunday breakfast, a beef and beer crockpot stew on Monday (though I used some organic soup mix stuff and didn't adjust for the lack of salt), and some ginger chicken breasts and coconut rice last night. Even made some Eggs Beatrice for breakfast again yesterday. Hoping to feel better tomorrow as there is much to be done.


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Anonymous Dr John K Says:

You should tell yoru daughter that she needs to get sick after the bills come through for the last illness.

Seriously, though, I hope she's already feeling better, and that you (et al.) dodge whatever it is she got.


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