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Productivity and a small break

Yesterday was a flurry of chores and errand-running. I've been vehicle-enabled since Thursday and not just any vehicle, but that shining beacon of yuppie excess, the Landrover. Driving around in the Landrover has been quite an experience. I look out at people, make eye contact with pedestrians or other drivers and at first I couldn't reconcile the looks I was getting in return. Nothing obvious, no glares or stares, just a subtle split-second difference that happened over and over with person after person. Finally it clicked: it's not me, it's the car! Inside the car I'm still listening to Anti-flag as I would be in the Flexcar or on the bus, but the outside world just sees the shell, just as inside my own head I'm still every bit the Nikchick who spawned her nickname 20 years ago, while the outside world sees whatever it is they see (angry publisher bitch, disheveled bemused mom, impatient driver, middle-aged homeowner nee punk rocker?).

Back to yesterday, after shooing off Kate's sleepover friend and dropping Herr Pramas at his Saturday roleplaying game, I went on a spree. Anywhere you might want to use the hauling capacity of a Landrover type vehicle, I was there. Bought more shelves and bins and now have a place to store both the Warhammer line and the endless stream of packing peanuts that regularly arrive. I made a trip to Costco because surely if you have a giant vehicle, you should buy some giant jars of olives and wheels of cheese to haul in it. Most importantly, though, we worked into the night moving a dozen very large boxes that had been delivered to the front of my house around the back and into the garage in the most convenient and expeditious manner! Sounds like a small thing I'm sure, but it's thrilling, absolutely thrilling to me.

Today is a day of rest and wild plundering of my friend's equally impressive collection of DVDs and mega-giant tv until I receive the bat signal that it's time to pick them up at the airport and return to my own digs. We started in watching the first season of The Wire last night. Seems like another good original show from HBO.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I just told someone this recently, but I can't remember whether it was you: Did you know that the UPS Store will take your (clean) used packing peanuts and recycle them?

Jenny (one of the Ten-Thirty Monsters)


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