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Kate had a friend over for a sleepover last night. They took over the livingroom, creating a nest of sleeping bags and pillows in front of the tv, setting up a fort with blankets tied to pieces of furniture and door knobs and so forth. Friends J&J stopped by to pick up the key to R&C's to fulfill their cat tending duties and I could barely get to the door to answer it. The kids were in mid frenzy preparing to repell an onslaught of zombies rumored to be attacking at 10:30 pm. Alex looked out the window and confirmed that the doorbell ringers were indeed humans.

As we wound down last night they tried to convince me to let them stay up until midnight. I pretended that I couldn't conceive of the idea, but in reality I didn't care. Helped them feel like they were getting away with something when they stayed up anyway, even if they didn't make it until midnight.

They were cracking me up with their banter as they prepared their fortress and hunkered down under the blanket-fort with "supplies" (a couple slices of sourdough bread) and a flashlight, spinning out tales and plans. When one of them would venture too far, they would stop and reassure each other that they were just using their imaginations.

"They're evil spirits. No, wait! They're zombies!"
"Um, we're just using our imaginations, right? Because there aren't really zombies."
"Yeah, we're just using our imaginations."
"Ok... So yeah, they're big, ugly zombies and they're coming RIGHT NOW!"

"I have a gun and a knife to fight them off."
"Um, you don't really have a gun and a knife, do you? "
"No, we're just using our imaginations..."
"Ok! Yeah, I have a *pistol*...."

It went on like that until just shy of midnight when they finally fell asleep. I waited about half an hour to be sure they weren't going to wake up screaming or tangle themselves in fort-supporting ropes, and then I turned in myself.


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