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What the ??

Not sure what just happened, but it seems that when I started work this morning a shrieking banshee took control of my body and sent me out on rampage. Either that or my brain thinks I've been transported to HBO's Deadwood.

For everyone who told me they were going to call with an update, turn over a manuscript, update their workfile, or "get around" to doing something I asked, GET ON IT. I swear, the next person who blows me off is going to be on the receiving end of a catestrophic melt-down.

For the everyone who feels the need to meddle in our business: guess what, brainiacs, we already thought of that, we are already RUNNING THAT SHOW, so meddle yourself the hell out of it, would you?

For those blessed few of you who have done what you were asked, turned in your work on time, keep your heads down and gone about your business while leaving me to mine, I love you all and you are top of my list. If my undying gratitude isn't enough, I'm sure we can work out some additional perks.


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