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Nice to be Loved

Ah, it's nice to be loved, especially when there's lots of crap to filter through.

Being aggressively wooed to consider no less than five different proposals for important future things; it's like industry speed dating. I need to squeeze in at least two more meetings this week and a post-poned conference call.

Cynically amused that some industry players have tried to poach our talent (back off you vultures!) only to be told (by the would-be poachees) that our staff likes working for us just fine, thanks. Maybe being decent people who don't fuck people over will pay off for us after all, bwa ha ha.

My Nicole Anti-Technology Field is still in full effect, however. I've managed to blow up a couple of computers in the last day and two out of three computers are refusing to pull my GR e-mail from the server. AOL may suck for a variety of reasons, but it remains a faithful back-up for me 14 years after first securing my account with them.


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