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Conquest LA Report

Green Ronin spent the holiday weekend at Conquest LA. For a first-year convention I felt they had a very respectable turnout. The dealer's hall took up only a corner of one of the ballrooms, with four of us displaying products, but it was a clever arrangement: the corner of the hall was able to be sectioned off from the rest of the hall in the evenings, but open during the day, so when people were on their way to the gaming tables they could pass through for a quick look at what we had to offer.

The Conquest staff were incredibly hospitable and friendly, and I must say we had a wonderful time as guests. Chris played in a couple of AEG's roleplaying events (World's Largest Dungeon and a Spycraft game), Kate played in a couple of Yu Gi Oh tournaments, and we were even invited to play in an "Escape Diablo" dungeon bash that was a riot. GM Robert Lionheart was quite excellent, and a good sport for allowing a nine-year-old to join his game. The industry round-table with folks like Don Perrin, Peter Adkison, John Zinser, and James Ernest was also good fun for those who attended, as well as the Q&A dinner and reception with Keith Baker.

I had a great time at this convention and I think they've done all the right things to grow this into a fun on-going event. Next year they'll be holding the con over Martin Luther King weekend and at a different location, and I have every intention of attending again. If you're an LA-area gamer, do give Conquest LA a try!

In other welcome news, the LAX Marriott has very comfortable beds, which I've come to appreciate more and more the older I get. Most hotel beds just can't compare to my bed at home, but the Marriott was really comfortable and a welcome relief.

Definitely a good weekend to spend inside gaming. We drove around a bit yesterday and got caught in torrential rains and came across several areas where roads were closed because of mudslides. Weather in LA is completely sucky right now.

Here's hoping the rain holds off long enough for us to catch our flight and get back to sunny Seattle!


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