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Ten Things I Haven't Done

...but people I know have.

1. Gone on tour as a roadie for a band
2. Undergone gender reassignment
3. Had quadruplets
4. Had their roleplaying game used as the basis for a tv show
5. Had a child die of complications from chicken pox
6. Had the presense of mind upon seeing the Spice Girls in a Las Vegas elevator to ask, "Which one of you is the slutty one again?"
7. Performed (non-religious) humanitarian work in Africa
8. Had the door torn off their moving car (sideswiped by a semi on the freeway)
9. Had success picking up chicks with the line "Nice shoes."
10. Hitchhiked from Montana to Alaska with a baby


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I love that list!
where do you get the ideas for these 10 things?
And I would love to hear more about the folks behind some of them. Which on of you is "Slutty-Spice?" laugh my ass off.

Anonymous Dana Johnson Says:

Wow, that is a fantastic list, Nicole!

It's inspired me. My own list of things I haven't done, but have friends who have.

1. Had dinner with Freeman Dyson.
2. Dropped a hammer on a nuclear warhead.
3. Had Harlan Ellison call him "Fonzie".
4. Had brain surgery (successfully, to remove a tumor)
5. Helped shoot a beam of neutrinos through Wisconsin.
6. Wrote a (non-fiction) book which was subsequently published. (Well, it's a big deal to *me*...)
7. Has friends named "One-eyed Pete" and "Stabby".
8. Had a teenaged child experience kidney-failure.
9. Pitched a script for an episode of "Briscoe County Jr." in which one character, based loosely on Batman, had dialog consisting of nothing but the titles of Dr. Who episodes.
10. Visited the Great Wall of China.


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