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Crappy Personal Stuff

My mom called tonight. She was acting very weird, telling me "things" were hurting "that shouldn't be hurting" dodging my questions but wanting to talk, because "I'm the only one she has right now" and begging me to come to Oregon this weekend. She assured me it's not her heart or her back (which has been on the verge of needing surgery) then claimed it must be "some muscle thing." She promised she'll call me tomorrow after talking to her doctor, said I don't need to worry about her dying overnight or anything like that, but I'm really worried anyway. She smokes, she drinks, she's had pre-cancerous skin lesions removed in the past.

Not that I'd rather my mom hadn't called or anything like that, but in our family it's no news is good news. I asked if she's called my grandma and she said no, "she doesn't need this right now," and when I asked about my brother (who lives in the same small town!) she said she sees him about as frequently as she did when he was overseas. I told her I could come down tomorrow if she needed me to, but she put me off... so why call me at 10 o'clock at night, when she's clearly in pain, pleading with me to come down next weekend? My gut just tells me there's bad news brewing.


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