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Things I don't need to see

Kate covets one of those fancy new generation family vehicles with the built-in video screens and DVD players. Whenever we're driving along and she sees some other family comfortably watching Spongebob Squarepants in their space age minivan in the next lane, she points it out to me.

Last night, Kate and I pulled up behind one of these minivans at a stoplight. Dark blue with tinted windows, we could still clearly see the glowing video display broadcasting its video like a beacon in the night. And what were they watching, you ask?


That's right, clearly visible to my nine-year-old daughter: the naked jiggling titties of an "adult entertainment actress", being penetrated in every orifice while a spare onanist arced his moneyshot over her belly.

At the next light I was able to position the car so the porno wasn't visible to Kate (and thankfully she was fiddling with her Gameboy and either didn't notice the video show or at least didn't comment on it), but I watched as a series of other drivers noticed what was being broadcast in the van and grimaced, laughed, pointed, and nearly ran into each other.

I'm not calling for a ban on porn, but is it too much to ask that it be kept at home, please?


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Wow. That really puts the "ass" in "class." People really are dumb animals sometimes...


Blogger Brian Says:

Gaaaa ... and here I was upset at the businessman going 50 mph in a Cali 65 mph, with a file folder and notes spread over his steering wheel, and dialing up a cell.


Sorry, Nik. That's freakin' awful.

Blogger J.D. Says:

Kris and I both liked this entry. We're already pre-disposed to think DVDs in SUVs (and other vehicles) are the dumbest idea since, well, SUVs, and this just adds fuel to the fire. Now we can bitch and moan in self-righteous anger and have this story to back us up! :)


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