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London for the Weekend

Arrived yesterday. James met us at St. Pancras and we took a short hop up to Borough Market where we met up with John Kovalic. A bit of coffee, a bit of cheese, a few sausages and some hard cider later and we took a stroll along the Thames, looked at a few landmarks and had a pint with John before heading off to James and Cat's place, where they cooked us dinner and didn't mind that I collapsed in their spare room at the relatively sane hour of 10:30 or something.

Chris and I headed out to do some museum hopping today, including taking in the Turkish exhibit at the Royal Academy and a tour of the Museum of London, with a stop for Sunday Tea at Fortnum & Mason.

We had some delish fish & chips and watched some Top Gear. (Never seen it before but WOW, that was fun.)

Tomorrow we're off to the RAF Museum during the day and meeting up with Angus and Sasha sometime tomorrow evening. It's off to the airport bright and early Tuesday morning...


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