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Gourmet Tea

Someone mentioned Adagio Teas in an another online community I frequent and I thought I'd pass the recommendation along here.

Adagio were having a promotion where they'd send out a gift package in exchange for a link on your website. I gave it a shot and while I was in England I got a package from the company with a sampler pack of four herbal teas (I expressed a particular interest in their herbal teas) and their neat little "ingenuiTEA" brewing cup (you can see it here

I've been using the heck out of the brewing cup to make all sorts of loose-leaf teas (though, sadly, they don't offer my friend Ruth's favorite decadence: monkey-picked oolong). They have sampler packs broken down by type (black, oolong, white, green, herbal blends, rooibos, etc.) and also offer some funky "flavored" teas (including chocolate, caramel, and coconut) that I'll admit I'm curious about. This stuff is definitely in the funky gourmet vein: I'd expect people who balk at the whole coffee house, hand-roasted and freshly ground beans coffee "experience" won't embrace the froofy tea culture that this company is trying to cater to. In other words, it's up my alley, and if you're looking to branch out from Liptons or Celestial Seasonings it might be up your alley too.


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Blogger Brian Says:

I might look into it. I've been getting Far Leaves tea for a while now (through my local coffeehouse down here in Oakland. Yea, I know ... tea... coffehouse?). They had a really great Pearl Jasmine green tea (which it turns is no longer available), and Purple Bamboo green tea - which is nice, and very light.

I've got an infuser cup (well, basket for a mug), but I really prefer my Bodum pot - serves about three cups of tea, removable infuser basket, and dishwasher safe. Needless to say, I've been drinking up a storm of green tea since getting it.


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