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Ach, mein Tivo ist kaput!

Pramas informed me that the Tivo is constantly resetting itself. Trying to watch recorded programs results in stuttering and stalled output, then a system restart. Casual Googling on the problem leads me to believe this means HD failure.

We've only had the thing 14 months, damn it.

I had it all set up to record all my favorite shows while we're away in England, double damn it!!


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Blogger Jeff Tidball Says:

Our hard drive started crapping out after we'd had our Tivo for three years or so. Although diagnosing the problem and being without the box for two weeks or so was awful, Sony's flat-rate repair service -- which did require us to ship the thing to Tennessee -- was reasonably priced and fixed the problem the first time, as advertised.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

It does sound like the hard drive, but it's worth a call to TiVo customer service anyway. I've had two weird problems with mine over the last four years--I was sure it was a hardware failure both times. But on each occasion, a customer service rep was able to walk me through a fix. They were far more knowledgeable than I expected. Ray W.


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