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Atari Bastards!


I traded some Green Ronin books with my ex-husband for a copy of Sid Meier's Pirates, a trade that I was quite excited about. I played the heck out of the Sega Genesis version of the game when we were married and he remembered how much I liked it, so when he got a copy and decided he didn't want it, he thought of me.

Anyway, I really had my hopes up to play, but I can't get the damn thing to run! I can get through about two or three minutes of game play (talk to the merchant, or pull my ship out of the harbor for example) and then the damn game quits. Kate and I sat down to play a bit last night and it didn't take long for Kate to declare "This takes all the fun out of it," and leave the room.

I went to the website, as instructed in the manual. I tried their troubleshooting tips: this computer is only a couple of months old, desperately needed replacement for Chris's old work machine. It excedes the system requirements across the board (double the processor speed, double the RAM, a current operating system...). I quit all other programs that might have been running in the background, updated the video driver, nothing helped.

SO today I prepared to call tech support: they have "interactive voice response" supposedly available 24/7. I was to punch in either the first three letters of the title, or the five-digit "Part number" from the CD. I tried punching in SID (for SID MEIER'S PIRATES) and there was no entry. Ok, I thought, I'm being too literal. Perhaps it's under PIR (for PIRATES). No, after listing off all the various versions of RISK I might be calling about, again I hit a brick wall. I tried punching in the Part number (24810) from the CD, but they have no such part number on file.

The system auto-forwarded me to the "live technicians" -- where I received a recording telling me the office was closed and I should call back between 8:00am and 6:00pm Pacific Time. It's worth noting that I was calling at 4:55pm Pacific time...

I'm particularly irked that I've followed all of their stupid instructions (including calling for help during the business hours they PRINTED IN THE FUCKING MANUAL). Terrible, terrible customer service! Grrrr.


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