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Heaven Help Me

Kate has discovered the telephone. Not only has she tied up the phone constantly for the last two nights, but her little friends are leaving voice messages for her as well. "Katherine? Are you there? Pick up the phone... I know you're there, we were just talking...."

When I asked her what she was spending so much time talking about, she clutched the phone to her chest and said, rather indignantly, "Stuff!"

::sigh:: She's not even a teenager yet!


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Blogger Jennifer Says:

Despite never having much money, my poor father opted fairly early on to pay for a "teen line". It was all about his sanity and a battle not worth fighting. If you knew my dad, you would understand that this is a remarkable statement. He never backs off a fight. I suppose that is a testament to how much a talker I was (am). He totally caved. And Kate is a chatty Sag like me... you are doomed.


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