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If you hated Gimli as comic relief in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies, you won't be happy with the Return of the King extended edition. Ok, ok, Legolas is cool. He's dreamy. He can see ghosts and walk on top of the snow and run for days and nights without rest or water and kill anything with any number of arrows, blah, blah, blah. He gets to win every contest. But Gimli is the hero of the dwarves! The Hero of his race. Even the damn Hobbits come off cooler than Gimli and it pisses me off.

I actually howled in outrage upon seeing the extended Fellowship last night, wherein they added several additional minutes of Gimli as comic sidekick. The worst offense was the fucking drinking contest. If the dwarf can't even win the damn DRINKING contest, something is righteously screwed. Someone call the Dwarf Anti-Defamation League!

That said, the additional scenes with Saruman, the houses of healing, and the extended battle scenes and vignettes were enjoyable. However, ultimately, I enjoyed the additional material far less than I had enjoyed the extended versions of the first two films.


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