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Still juggling. Managed to get my external back-up drive repaired so I can access the data there, hooray form miracles. Brutal deadlines have been crushing our employees, Hal and Chris in particular. Lots of stuff that I can't talk about even in a friends-only post, feh.

Took Kate to see the Series of Unfortunate Events film after school on Friday, at the new-ish community theater in Columbia City, since it's just a short walk from her school. Found it true to the spirit of the books for the most part, though they added a subplot to the movie that was completely fabricated and took some of the events out of order. Both elements were added to make the movie a better experience than merely stringing together the three books would have been so I took it all in stride. Jim Carey, who I normally don't like, was good in his roles. I wasn't pleased with the too-happy ending, as the books are clear that there are no happy endings for the Beaudelair Orphans, but again I understand why they did it.

Mostly, I've been occupying myself in the kitchen. Lots of baking in particular, though I don't know what I'm going to do with all of the baked goods I've made. The joy is in the making, I just need to find someone else to do the eating.

Attending a great little party at J&J's on Saturday and had a fantastic time socializing. Working alone from home can get so damn isolating! Had lots of interesting conversations and sympathized with the recently laid off, as the tradition of Christmas-season layoffs continues. I've never understood Christmas layoffs, as I think they're desperately cruel, but I've seen them many times now. What I must say, though, is that if you have employees who have worked for you for over a year (and you are, personally, a wealthy person) laying off with two days notice and three days severance for your employee's hard work is OUTRAGEOUS. I can understand if your business is struggling, if you, personallyl, have no resources to smooth the way for your employees... but knowing you're sitting on a personal fortune when you've offered three fucking days of "severance" is galling. Do the right thing, especially at Christmas!! Ug.

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