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Giving to the Military's Wounded

Passed on from a friend.

I promised to post info on the need for wounded soldiers to receive phone cards and other gifts at Brooke Army Medical Center and here it is. I received a very nice phone call from a Major Moon in Public Relations and he told me that they are very much in need of things for their wounded. Brooke Army Medical Center receives all soldiers who are burned - they are the top treatment center for burned victims worldwide. Sadly, they are expecting many more patients in coming days from this latest bombing in Mosul. These young soldiers are separated from their families and face long recuperation times as well as permanent disfigurement and disabilities. Also, family members who travel to be with them don't receive any monetary assistance or lodging past the first couple of days so they can use help as well. Here's what they need:

Phone cards in any denomination (they've received all amounts but most useful are those in 110 minutes increments or more as the soldier can make repeated calls to loved ones)

Gifts cards in any denomination for Target, Wal-mart, or other similar discount or department stores. Soldiers need to replace basic grooming supplies, underwear, and often require clothing to accomodate their new wounded bodies.

Cards and letters wishing them good will and gratitude - anything that cheers them and let's them know they are remembered and supported.

Note that NO FOOD gifts are allowed because of dietary issues.

As authors, you may also want to send copies of your books (soldiers can share these with their families and often are young enough to enjoy reading young adult literature themselves).

Send gifts to:

Attn: LtCol Jim Riley
Director of Logistics
Brooke Army Medical Center
Building 3600
3851 Roger Brooke Drive
Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234-6200

Please forward this information to your friends and family and writer friends, as these young people really need our help and appreciation, no matter how one feels about the war.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hello. I'm interested in your project and would like to know if it is still convinient to send in gifts. I'll be looking for a response.

Thank You.


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