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I'm so far behind.

After weeks of not being able to work more than a couple of hours a day, I'm crushed with things that need my attention.

Of course, today is also my darling daughter's 9th birthday. I didn't even have time to make her a cake today, I'm so sad. Luckily for me, her idea of "a grand feast" was (at her special request): hot dogs, canned baked beans, and canned creamed corn. With a candle.

At least it was easy...


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Kate may be pleased to know that she's born on Lucia's day, which is celebrated in Sweden by having the eldest daughter wear a crown of candles and serve coffee and "Lucia cats" (a saffron bun) to the parents.

John Kasab

Blogger BeK Says:

Canned creamed corn may be the most vile substance in the universe. After mayo, of course.

Blogger Rabenstrange Says:

Life is better if you are easy to please. I miss those days when all I needed to be happy was a jam sandwich and some dirt to play in.


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