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How Minnesotan

As people may have heard, my home state has garnered a bit of attention for being the place where Senator Larry Craig was arrested and plead guilty to disorderly conduct in an airport bathroom. Senator Craig has denied that he was in the restroom trolling for sexual encounters between flights but he's not the first to be caught in a "wide stance" in that particular restroom.

My position on the whole thing is that I don't care about Larry Craig's sexuality. Not a bit. But I do care about risky behaviors like clandestine meet-ups in public places, especially public restrooms that are open to children. Get a room, you know? In the same way that I object to the kids "hooking up" in the park right under my kitchen window, I would ask the Senator and his friends to find somewhere more appropriate to do whatever it is they want to do.

It's been reported that the airport is changing the design of some of the barrier between stalls in the restrooms where the most of this "disorderly conduct" is taking place, at substantial cost. I laughed when I read the summation from the airport spokesman because it's so Minnesotan:

"It is unfortunate to look at having to spend $1 million on something that wouldn't be necessary if people simply behaved themselves," he said.



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