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The Harvest Festival was kind of a bust. Kate and I went to Enumclaw, got lost, drove around and purely by chance and a vague recollection of where the orchard was supposed to be, we stumbled across it and spent about 15 or 20 minutes there. I bought some cider, some raspberry wine, but I'd hoped there was going to be more actual produce to choose from. End of the season and all, there just wasn't a lot. I got a couple of small bags of a couple of kinds of Asian pears and that was that. Did some grocery shopping, stopped at Tim's to pick Chris up and tried to find a decent option to go out to the movies or something. No go.

We left Kate home alone for an hour while we went to get dinner. She didn't want to come with us so we went down to Smartypants in Georgetown, which I'd been wanting to do all summer. If I had a car or a scooter, I'd be down in that area all the time, it's so close to our house! It's even close enough to walk in nice weather but the route is along busy access roads and freeway ramps where there are no sidewalks or minimal pedestrian safeguards and I'm just not inclined to make that walk if I don't have to.

I got a couple of batches of plum preserves. The ginger-plum jam exploded out of its container in the microwave and I scalded myself multiple times. Sticky mess and I lost at least a half-pint of jam to clean-up. Boo. Then I tried some spiced plum butter on the stovetop but that caramelized and started to burn a little before it got to what I would have considered the "very thick" stage called for in the recipe, so I put it in jars anyway but I'm dubious about the results. I still haven't used all the plums RH brought over, though I'm getting close. Not sure what I'm going to do with the Asian pears, either. Decisions, decisions.

Tonight we're going to see a show at the Triple Door, wish SassyRonin a happy birthday, and then it's back to work.

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