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The highlight of my day was when we got a call from RH (who lives a couple of blocks over) asking if we might be able to help put his bumper crop of plums to some use. He brought over a nice, fat ziplock bag of ripe juicy plums and gave me a free invitation to come over to his house and help myself to as many as I think I can use. Woohoo! I'm going to dig into my preserving and baking books and see what I can put together. Simply recipes has a plum cobbler recipe that I've wanted to try (and after the stupendous success of the Spicy Fig Orange Microwave Jam the other day, I'm quite eager to give a couple more of these recipes (like this plum compote a shot.

While RH and I were still working out the details of my potential plum raid, Ms. BBCAddict and Mr. Lemuriapress stopped by and made good on the proffered exchange of chocolate-orange madelines for fig jam. We sampled the goods and they were yummy.

Drove up to get Kate and while I was gone Jeremy Crawford (he of Book of Fiends, Blue Rose, and WFRP fame, not to mention all around nice fellow) stopped by to throw down with Pramas in a game of Battlelore. Jeremy recently moved to town to take a job with Wizards and we are very happy to have him in our neck of the woods. I brought back a little something for supper from Tutta Bella and watched some Meerkat Manor and The Closer with Kate while the boys played games in the kitchen.

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