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Pirate Attack

That's both a tribute to yesterday's Talk Like a Pirate Day and an expression of dismay at how much I have going on right now.

I'm swamped at work. Still trying to catch up on things. We've had a particularly heavy release schedule since GenCon, with products staggered out every two weeks, so I've been up to my eyeballs in invoicing and whatnot. I had a slew of mail orders backed up after GenCon and my week of vacation, had to wait for restocks on items we ran out of, blew through and needed to reorder shipping supplies, plus I'm trying to put together materials for in prep for our summit (the first weekend in October). It's not helping that I've been called for jury duty again this year (which is going to blow at least a couple of days out from under me next week). It's also my anniversary next weekend and Chris and I had a special trip to Vancouver planned (just in time for the worst exchange rates against the Canadian dollar in 30 years!) but Kate's dad has to skip that weekend's visitation so it looks like it's going to be me, Chris, and Kate in the fancy hotel. Oh, and my in-laws arriving the week after the summit, and Kate's school trip to OPI the week after that. Tiny bit busy.
Kate's Pirate Look

On the personal side, I'm really trying not to spend nights and weekends working on GR stuff, even with everything I'm trying to juggle. I have friends and family who deserve my attention as well. Tuesday I invaded R&C's house and whipped up some beef bourguignon in honor of Ray's birthday and managed to wash, dry, and fold six loads of laundry (because I still haven't had time to deal with finding someone to fix my machine). Last night we attended the Flying Lab Software Talk Like a Pirate Day gala at the Seattle Aquarium. Kate and I rode the streets with the Seattle SeaFair Pirates, yelling out "Avast!' and "Yarr!" at random people as we passed. While stopped at a light in front of a Pioneer Square bar where the members of Tripnine were unloading their gear in preparation of playing a set. They started cheering and beating on their drums and just as the Moby Duck was pulling away ran up to thrust a CD into Kate's hand. They're a little too hard for Kate but maybe Rev. Dr. Evil will take it off her hands when he's in town for the summit. All in all, it was great fun but we got home late for the second night in a row which made us tired and not particularly eager to get up this morning.

Tonight I really want to just declare "Bed Day" once Kate gets home, order some pizzas, and lay around watching TiVo. Unfortunately, there's a PTA meeting and I have too many questions about the new school and what's happening this year to skip it. Then there's the plums. I have just enough amaretto to make Plum Amaretto Jam, but it's making me crazy to think of all those plums still at RH's going to waste, so I've got to get myself over there to make more. This weekend: Rock Ridge Orchards Harvest Festival if Kate and I aren't too tired out to handle it.

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