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Woke up very early this morning to find a young man parked in front of the house. On the hood of his car, he has a large stack of USA Today newspapers and he is methodically going through the stack and tearing off top right corner from all the front pages. He works his way through the stack, puts the torn corners on the driver seat, walks the stack of cornerless papers to his trunk. He walks around to the passenger side, grabs another stack and starts the whole process again.

No idea what that was about.

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Blogger Jeff Says:

Maybe he was tearing off all his address labels before recycling the papers, because (1) he was paranoid about other people finding out his address or (2) he thought address labels weren't recyclable. Odd...

Blogger Nikchick Says:

IT was a stack of all the same paper, I should have mentioned.

Someone else wrote to say it was probably someone who sold papers. Apparently unsold papers are accounted by the front page with te rest recycled. I never knew that.


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