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Another day down

As I write this, Pramas is ensconced in a British Airways jet and halfway to England, where I hope friend and stranger alike will take good care of him. He's gone until Monday night. I leave for GenCon on the red-eye flight Tuesday and he'll follow a day later.

What does Nikchick do when she's all alone on a weeknight?

Shops for hay, treats, litter and toys for bunnies
Has Mexican food for dinner
Takes advantage of an unexpected sale to replace the 10-year-old, thread worn blanket on her bed
Picks up a book from the library
Plays Guitar Hero II on Medium
Watches reruns of Animal Precinct

I'll bet you can just taste the excitement, huh?



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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

That sounds wonderful!


Blogger Cruel Buddha Says:

This post has been removed by the author.

Blogger Cruel Buddha Says:

Well that was weird.

Anyway, I agree with Rona.

See ya soon, Hon.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Oh, you're at GenCon this year. Yay! I wasn't sure...


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