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Weekend, go go go!

Been a busy weekend so far. Friday I went downtown thinking I'd get tickets for the Bourne movie, with plans for Chris to meet me after work. To my great surprise, the theater was packed to the gills and at 7:00 lines were almost out the door and the 8:00 and 9:00 showings already sold out. Yowsa. Scrapped that plan and went to the Can Can for a cocktail or several. Met a totally insane chick and thought I'd have a chance to write that up but I just didn't have the stamina.

Yesterday was our long-awaited dinner date with Bruce, who was in town for a few days to attend a wedding and had made time to get together with us. We congregated at R&C's, the wine and cheese and barbecued meat flowed all evening and, clutching our stomachs after a final dessert course of Tim's excellent cheesecake, we tried to cap the evening with a little MST3K but I think Tim was the only one who didn't nod off at least once. We rolled home late, drunk and fat and happy, having had a completely fun evening catching up with Bruce the Traitor. He needs to come visit more often!

I'm making another stab at seeing the Bourne movie in a few minutes, after which Chris heads off to a punk rock double-header. He fell on his foot yesterday morning and managed to turn three of his toes a dark and ugly shade of purple which isn't the best for standing around at a punk show, let alone two punk shows. He leaves for England on the red-eye on Wednesday and I'm hoping they don't cause him much trouble on his trip. After Bourne and whatever else today holds, it's all GenCon prep and household chores until for me. I could easily fill all my available hours with Green Ronin-related tasks but I also have a planned camping trip with Kate (my second weekend with her of the summer) and I can no longer put off house maintenance: lawns must be mowed and bushes trimmed lest the HOA get twitchy again, I have to figure out why Chris's computer no longer has sound, and both our washing machine and our garbage disposal have blown up. I'm handy enough I can probably replace the disposal on my own but the washing machine is going to need a professional.

One of these days I'll get back to cooking anything decent but not in August.


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