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Earlier this summer Jess was lamenting that he's been too busy to get out camping the last couple of years, breaking with a tradition that goes back to his teenhood. "We should go!" I enthused. The single time I've been camping here in Washington was with Jess (and several others of his now-scattered clan, including Patrick and Patricia, early in their relationship... they're two kids in and living in San Diego now but those were good times). "How about when Kate's back and Chris is in England?" I suggested. Miracle of miracles, that lined up with a free weekend for Jess as well.

I'm putting coffee in the thermos, sleeping bags and backpacks have been laid out and we have an abundance of tents. It's only overnight but it's going to be sunny and 75 degrees today, and tonight, well away from city lights, we should be able to see the Perseids meteor shower. Kate's bringing the telescope she got for her half-birthday and she's already loaded up her camelback. I think I'm just as excited as Kate.



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