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Briefly beautiful weather

The weather was gorgeous this morning. Sunny, 60 degrees, spring-like. Despite feeling like I could trip over the line into full-blown sickness at any moment, as long as I'm on Theraflu I feel pretty good so I walked over the the house of one of the HOA board members and left a photocopy of the petition and a cover letter. Along the way I saw spring flowers coming up, fresh landscaping in the parks, people out on the walking paths and sitting on porches. Kids on bikes and scooters in the streets. Nice.

Helped along to the illusion of full health by the miracles of modern over-the-counter cold medicine and buoyed by sunny skies, I threw myself into a writing project, caught up on a couple of household chores and cooked up the flank steak I had marinating for last night (but didn't feel up to cooking).

Of course it was all just a tease, as it is February after all. By evening we had dark clouds rolling in and the forecast evening rain has started pelting the windows. The Theraflu has worn off and I'm about to dose myself with another cup and crawl into bed with a heating pad. I must thank my wise husband who cautioned me not to go overboard because I was seriously considering going out to do yard work and run errands all over town in my earlier false-Spring euphoria. That would have been foolish.... Rain is predicted the next three days and then I'm off to New York which will surely remind me that it is really is still winter.


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