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Ars Magica

Alright, after two straight weeks of beating around the bush and getting our game group into an Ars Magic mindset, I'm finally going to start running something. I've always enjoyed Ars Magica with a heavy helping of house rules, ignoring some of the more fiddly bookkeeping bits (screw Encumbrance!) and never, ever adhering to history (my very favorite game took place on a North American continent "discovered" through a magical accident around the time of the founding of the Order of Hermes).

I have several things hanging over me this weekend that I could continue working on. I'll probably give them some attention tomorrow. Today, I'm populating the covenant. Tim was good enough to lend me his copy of the new Covenants book and I've got a couple of the new Houses of Hermes books, too.

The campaign kicks off with the PCs arriving at a far-wilderness "outpost" Winter covenant in a setting very roughly inspired by the setting of Greg Key's Briar King novels, where the influence of faerie and church are on the rise and the Order of Hermes is caught between. Our group has been sent to the covenant by the order to investigate why it has fallen out of communication and what is happening further out in the wilderness area since the spotty reports that used to come through the covenant have been troublingly few, vague and unsettling considering the rise of the faerie.

It's been ages since I touched ArM but I'm really feeling enthusiastic about starting up something new.



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