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1000th Post

Today I make the 1000th post to Nikchick.com. Back in January 2003 I decided to move my paper journaling habit to the electronic world of the blog. I have to admit that I've been struggling with how to approach this milestone. I really didn't want to look back and see that I'd spent my 1000th post on a Lord of the Rings character meme or detailing the contents of my refrigerator.

As seemingly arbitrary as milestones can sometimes be (why does the 3000th Iraq War casualty rise to consciousness more than the 2999th or the 3001st? Why is turning 30 or 40 or 50 a big deal, but 33, 44 or 55 less so?) I do think they play a role in focusing us. As long as we don't obsess, freak out, or instill the milestone with undue importance I think it's beneficial to recognize certain milestones and the 1000th post on Nikchick.com was one of those I felt some attachment to.

Often I've felt like I'm just drifting along, pulled along the flowing river of life, responding to things as they come up but never really getting out ahead of myself that much. On one hand, in theory at least, I can live in the here and now without pining for things that might be or becoming so entrenched on some pre-determined course that I miss other opportunities that present themselves. On the other hand, and certainly in practice, I run the risk of living unconsciously and without being active in determining the course of my life. Without a milestone, I am slack, I am lazy, I have no reason to strive.

And so I pondered what to write, how to recognize with some application of consciousness, that I have reached this milestone.

The blogging world is almost inexpressibly large. I keep abreast of happenings with friends and family through their blogs and they do the same with me. I rely on the free expression of politically passionate bloggers for news and analysis. I indulge my creativity in blogging communities for food, cooking, and crafting. I stimulate myself in ways that I could not otherwise achieve through other bloggers' jobs, friends, families, and travels. Expanding my world to embrace other bloggers challenges me in ways that I could not achieve in my daily life within my relatively small world.

Blogging has proven superior to pen and paper journaling for me. I am moved to try to write more frequently, even if it's just a short anecdote or a recipe update. My paper journal often suffered from my inattention during busy periods and then a long, rambling, inevitably incomplete "catch up" entry and promises to myself to do better in the future. I will often record things, such as funny exchanges with Kate, that I would never have taken the time to write down by hand in a journal. I am glad to have those snapshots, those brief moments recorded. I must also admit that the interactive aspects of the blog, the challenges from people who call me on my myopia or naivety, the comradery of people who understand my outbursts of frustration or discouragement or despair, the support and appreciation of those who read along and find something worthwhile in my words... it isn't exactly a dialog but the interaction is meaningful and, at important points, sustaining.

So. There it is. My 1000th post. This blogging thing is totally working for me so watch out for post 2000 sometime before Thanksgiving 2009.

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