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Not a Resolution

I don't do resolutions per se but as 2005 was coming to an end Chris and I agreed that we should be more active in trying to do things, with a goal of doing something together once a month. I suggested that the "doing" part should involve being active and out of our usual rut in some way. Going over to Ray and Christine's doesn't count because it's practically our second home, but going out with Evan and Rona would. Anything that involves needing to get directions before we can get there counts. The "things" part had just a couple of restrictions; it needed to be something unrelated to work and it had to be something we were doing together. Game convention? I do that for work... and we can go to one for fun but it doesn't put a check in the doing things box. Writer's workshop, film festival, musical performance, new restaurant? Now we're talking.

We did pretty well at this last year. Looking back on 2006:

January: We went to The Harvest Vine with Jess & Shelby.
February: We spent the weekend in Vancouver and tried out Feenie's for the first time.
March: We'd planned to go to Vegas but ended up sick, sick, sick. Went to see Anti-Flag.
April: I kidnapped Chris and we tried out new restaurants, including Vios and Sweet and Savory.
May: SIFF! Baby Gramps at the Can Can!
June: More SIFF!
July: We threw a Stormhoek Wine Party.
August: With GenCon, the AIDS Walk, a trip to see my grandma and Jess's birthday, we were plenty busy, though not always doing things together.
September: We did Bumbershoot this year for the first time.
October: Another busy month, but we managed to sneak in a viewing of American Hardcore and a Bouncing Souls show. Not bad.
November: We thought for the better part of a year we'd be in England. When that trip was abruptly canceled we spent a weekend in Portland instead.
December: We took the ferry to Bainbridge Island (fun!) and endured 36 hours with no power (less fun). Both qualify as "doing something" together, though.

For 2007 I'd like to up the ante a little and not necessarily count punk shows and restaurants. If the idea is to just have some sort of date-night together, those are perfectly enjoyable date-night venues. Ideally, I'd like to expand my horizons to include things like visiting the Olympic Peninsula, visiting some Pacific Northwest wineries, spending a weekend at the coast, and that kind of thing. We've already talked about maybe hitting the Bay Area in June or July in honor of Pramas' birthday and the launch of Pirates of the Burning Sea. To help get this continuing Not-Resolution off the ground in '07, I've made reservations (thanks to another crazy good deal from Hotwire) at a rather luxurious hotel in Vancouver for next month and I'm giving Gastropod serious consideration for our limited dining hours.



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