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Anti-Technology Aura Continues


The Xbox 360 has decide it can't (or doesn't want to) read the CDs for most of our new games.

Insert game CD (say, Viva Pinata or Arcade). Spin, spin, spin. Options include "Open Tray" and "Close Tray". Sometimes we get a black screen. Kate's gotten a message that says "Unreadable" or something. Sometimes turning off the Xbox entirely and turning it back on with the CD inserted works to launch the game, sometimes it doesn't.

Why, technology?! Why can't you love me the way I love you?


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Blogger winninger Says:

This may be a problem with the new XB360 OS. I see something similar--if I put the game in the console at the same time I power the console up, it doesn't always recognize that the game is present (and auto-launch it).

Try making sure that the XB is all the way powered up (ie. you can see the XB360 console) before opening the tray and putting in the game.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Thanks for the suggestion. Sadly, it doesn't make a difference. Other people have asked me if the unit was laying flat, and it is. I guess that's another common quirk.

Nope, the thing isn't recognizing CDs at all. I tried putting in a non-game DVD but it doesn't think there's anything there to read/play.


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