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Nikchick.com: Year in Review

We're staying in this NYE so after a dinner of excellent fried chicken and sides from Ezell's and an hour spent listening to the podcast of This American Life's Holiday Spectacular, I'm going to make my last post of 2006 and crawl under the flannel sheets of my own bed to read the rest of Sarah Vowell's excellent Assassination Vacation (thanks again, Will!).

As the new year is a time of looking back, assessing, and then looking forward, I've pulled out one post from each month that I particularly like or that particularly sums up what the month held for me.

January: The Last Grandma wherein I think that my last living grandmother may be dying.
February: Hunting wherein I comment on Dick Cheney's "hunting" accident.
March: Accursed HOA, you will RUE it! wherein I declare war against my homeowner's association.
April: Bunny Rearing wherein I attempt to prove that I don't order pizza every night by posting some of the recipes I tried in April. [I should note that more important events, like John and Jenny's wedding, happened in April, but I often only posted photo links or brief summaries of events, so I didn't choose those for linking. Looking back, April was a busy time.]
May: Mother's Day wherein I share the bounty Kate bestows upon me.
June: Inconvenient Truth: A Challenge wherein I challenge my friends, acquaintances, and anonymous blog readers to see the movie An Inconvenient Truth and come back to discuss it with me. [It's worth noting that not one person took me up on this challenge... if they did get around to seeing the movie they never did come back to discuss it with me.]
July: Yearly Origins Awards comments wherein I find that I still have a thing or two to say about the Origins Awards.
August: GenCon Friday wherein we discover why I can no longer listen to Black Eyed Peas' Pump It without remembering that magical ENnie Award ceremony.
September: Baghdad wherein I try to put what's happened in Baghdad these last few years into some perspective, with little success. [Baghdad Burning, referred to in that post, returned to blogging in October. I highly recommend giving her a read.]
October: Like I'm Made of Glass wherein I admit that I'm imperfect and I struggle with things larger than what I might share on my blog.
November: How Deep the Scars wherein I continue to wrestle with things personal.
December: Acts of Kindness wherein I share another example of why I'm so proud of how my girl is growing up.


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