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I was a total slug today. I put a load of laundry in and put away the silverware out of the dishwasher. That's it for productive behavior. I was loathe to fully engage with this last day of vacation. The day dawned dark, cold, and rainy. I did not stay up late last night, did not drink or eat to excess, so I wasn't suffering from any hangover sluggishness. I just didn't want to do anything, go anywhere, think about what awaits me when I return to work tomorrow (or in the coming months). I didn't want to make conversation, so even though I'd meant to call my dad and step-mom at some point during the break I didn't actually do it.

I got up before anyone else and played Viva Piņata for a while. I've reached the point I often hit in these resource-managing, world-building games: I just want to do my thing and I don't want to worry about fighting the evil characters or random events or budgets or space issues. I want a bigger space so I can have a whole piņata empire and keep two of every animal that I like, not be told that my ants are having trouble "romancing" or that I can't have frogs and newts in my pond without them blowing each other up. I named one of my squirrel-things Ingrate because the squirrels kept weeping and I couldn't figure out why. I went for long stretches without triggering any new advances, I think because I don't want to give up the animals I've already cultivated. Sigh.

Chris made us a nice breakfast (his specialty) and I pulled out the champagne we didn't use last night for mimosas. We both like mimosas better than straight champagne anyway. After breakfast, Kate and I finished playing the Nancy Drew game she got for Christmas from my brother. It's an older one and was much more satisfying than the most recent release (which we finished too quickly).

Not sluggish enough, I spent the rest of the day watching TiVo. Chris is killing Nazis now while Kate and I are eating biscuits from a can because I'm so sluggish I don't even want to cook. A game of Blokus may yet be played, books may yet be read but it's a school night and we all have to get up and go back to life in the morning, so it won't be a late night.


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Blogger DariDonovan Says:

Being a slug is not all bad, its fine to take time for yourself. Hmmm, perhaps I should take my own advice, lol. :-)

Found you on mybloglog, love your blog. Stop by sometime!


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