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Viva Pinata

Kate helped me play this ("Look out! Bat!" and "Press X, go to your journal, QUICK QUICK! What does the Doenut need to stay?") for several hours last night. Chris was at Rick's, where I hear they tried out some BattleLore. Kate and I built a garden, attracted animals, romanced the hell out of a tribe of worms, and whacked snails and bats over the head with shovels. What's not to like?

I know that you can do a bunch of things with Xbox Live but I have to say that's the sort of thing that puts me off. Gamer "ratings"? I don't need to know that I didn't optimize my win, or that I took 17 days to get my garden to level 12 when some Korean teenager did it in half the time. Oh, is my score at Bejeweled 2 not within a million points of the hardcore Xbox Live gamers? Whatever.

But the game itself? So far it's good fun. I much prefer these kinds of games (or another game like the original KOTOR) to the shooters or even games like Prince of Persia where I always, always hit a wall I can't jump up or some trick I can't do because I can't time the button mashing just exactly right. I always quit those games eventually because I can't get past the thing, can't trigger the next event, whatever. So far, very little of that in Viva Pinata, especially if I'm willing to let a few of my surplus worms get eaten on occasion.

Maybe I will find a way to make a few extra hours this weekend for Xbox 360 playing after all...

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

As a recently refallen videogame addict who is unabashedly spending many, many hours of my holiday break on the XBox (I commend your self-restraint!), I recommend the XBox Arcade, where you can download endless entertainment for a few bucks. In the arcade, I am currently in the thrall of Jewel Quest, Outpost Kaloki, Zuma, Cloning Clyde, and of course Galaga and Joust, which were part of my original videogame addiction lo those many years ago. And you are so right: Who cares about the dumb high-score thing? Sheesh!

If you and Kate ever want to try a live game of somethingorother, let me know! I've never gamed with anyone in Live mode and would love to try it sometime. óJenny

Anonymous Kara Says:

I also prefer world-building games. It's a shame Animal Crossing is Nintendo only. It's one of the most fun games I've ever played.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Miranda still enjoys my newly resurrected Intellivision, so we're fine for another few years.



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