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Where did the weekend go?

I find myself looking around on this dark, rainy night and wondering where the weekend went!

Talked to my brother for about half an hour this afternoon. Looks like Chris and I are going to be staying very close to where he and his wife are living while he goes to med school at OHSU in Portland, so we're going to try to get together while we're down there over Thanksgiving weekend. Haven't seen my brother since, um, two Christmases ago, so that would be nice.

Tonight was dinner (celebrating for the three November birthday girls) with Ray and Christine, Mitch and Robin, and our assorted children. Some whacking big hunks of delicious cheese (it always starts with the cheese...), fantastic osso bucco and saffron rice, wine, salad with almonds and goat cheese (oh, how I love my goat cheese) and mini cheesecakes in chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. It had been weeks since we'd seen R&C and a couple of months since we'd seen M&R, so it was good to have time to chill out and catch up.

Now it's Sunday night and another weekend is gone. I'm happy about all the things I did, the people we saw, the food we enjoyed... but I find myself sad at the prospect of another work week beginning in the morning. As Rutger Hauer voiced so eloquently in Blade Runner, "I want more life, fucker."

Chris tells me that he thinks he may have just seen the Magic: the Gathering commercial that I saw being filmed in Columbia City back in September, so I'm off to check the TiVo.


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