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First, thanks to everyone who (through the glories of LJ, MySpace, Outlook reminders, of just good freakin' memories) came out to wish me a happy one. I appreciate every one of you! I got some nifty gifts (some of which I freely admit I gave myself).

Coconut hand lotion:

Pink Sneakers (from No Sweat):

A new non-stick pan!

A girly-cut shirt from Threadless:

Kij's book (which I've been meaning to read for years):

Tonight we're finally going to eat at Cremant, where I intend to dine on marrow and goose liver, among other things.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Happy Belated, Nicole!

For your special day, I give you...Congress!

C. McGlothlin, M.Ed.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I'll take it! Thank you, sir.


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