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Windy and Cold Veterans Day

Veterans Day dawned cool but partly sunny here in Seattle. The weather grew nastier as the day wore on and eventually climaxing with violent rain (including a lightning flash and clap of thunder) and high, freezing winds in the early dark somewhere between 4:30pm and 5:30pm.

I wanted to stay under the warm flannel sheets and snooze very badly this morning, but I'd promised the girl I'd take her to Seattle Center where Hidden City was hosting Girls Day to promote their newest release the Bella Sara card game and website. I made breakfast (eggs cook like a dream on fresh teflon!) and then made my way over to the event location (the other side of the venue was, funnily enough, hosting a Magic: the Gathering tournament... not little girls with purple balloons and pink back packs there). I forgot my camera (having left it on my desk after downloading the pictures from Cremant) but I found this image on the web from a similar event in San Diego last week. The Seattle event was virtually identical:

Kate and I, bedecked in beads and pink t-shirts and clutching purple balloons against the increasing winds, made our way back to the house as the weather began to turn uncomfortably colder and nastier. Chris thrilled me to the core by cleaning the kitchen while I was out, and we stood around sharing the last of the rillette on crackers as a late afternoon snack. Still swoon-worthy stuff. I quickly baked up an Upside-Down Cardamom Pear Cake to take with us to a dinner being thrown by the Orca L Pod teachers to thank the parent chaperones who went to OPI last month. We all went out in the pouring rain, got stuck in traffic, took a huge detour and finally ended up at the house of our host a mere 45 minutes late. It was all up-hill from there, though, as we chatted with other parents and teachers, ate some good food, and generally had a very nice time. By the time we left for home the weather had cleared up considerably, though it's still surprisingly cold (with the wind, it feels like it's about 40 degrees even though the actual temp may be 45 or 50).

Tomorrow we're getting together with Ray and Christine for a belated mutual birthday celebration for Christine (and me, again). They've been on the road a ton over the last month and it will be good to catch up with them and perhaps do a little planning for our annual Thanksgiving dinner. I expect we'll hear about their recent trip to New York and they'll get to hear even more detail about our glorious night out at Cremant.

And now the flannel sheets call me to bed.


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