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It's all I can do not to post obsessively about the election results tonight. Democrats have taken back the House, but Lieberman beat Lamont, the Minnesota governor's race is tight and leaning toward the incumbent Republican and it's not looking good for Darcy Burner here in Washington at the moment so I remain on edge. I'm no political hound like some of my friends who follow this stuff and really enjoy it; I dislike politics, I hate the dirty tricks, the corruption, the self-servingness. On the other hand, I have felt downright desperate these last six years and I'm paying attention because I feel the state of the union is so dire there's just no excuse not to fight to bring things around.

I'm deeply relieved that enough of my fellow citizens cared enough about their civic duty, their responsibility as Americans, to get out there today and vote to stop some of the craziness.

I'll try to have something more entertaining, more enlightening, or just more interesting to say tomorrow. Tonight I can't focus.


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Anonymous Dr John K Says:

My wife and I are such political junkies we stayed up watching the Canadian election returns earlier this year, but even we realized that we had finally heard all we were going to last night and went to bed.

Anonymous Kara Says:

I couldn't stop myself from posting obsessively today. Just too much news!!

But fear not; the obsessive posting is at an end. Victory!


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