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Yesterday was a rough day. I was so groggy and miserable all day, it was like I was moving in slow motion with my head stuffed full of sand. I couldn't face the prospect of cooking dinner, so I suggested that after I finished running errands that we all go up to Freemont and grab dinner out. We ate off the belt at Blue C Sushi and were home by a little after 8:00. I messed around on the computer for an hour, had a glass of wine and tried to watch some TiVo but I was dead asleep by 10:00.

To my delight, I awoke this morning at 8:30am! No middle of the night wakings, I dreamed (can't remember the dream, just that I did and that it wasn't the sort of anxiety dreams I've been having lately like the one I had the other day of crashing the Flexcar) and I awoke feeling awake and fully rested for the first time in ages. I desperately needed that night of good sleep.

This afternoon I have to take Kate out to a Halloween party, then she's spending the night with John and Jenny so Chris and I can go to the Bouncing Souls show. In keeping with the Halloweeny theme of the day, I believe they have plans to watch Something Wicked This Way Comes. We'll meet up tomorrow for breakfast and Kate retrieval on Queen Anne.

Today is shaping up to be a lovely fall day, a cool and foggy morning burning off to a crisp, sunny afternoon. The leaves are turning fast. Bushes that were a bright red ten days ago are barren and leafless today. Trees are dropping gold and brown leaves all around us but some remain bright green and the grass has bounced back from its summer-drought coloring to a vibrant emerald. This is the part of autumn I really enjoy.

Bonus content: farmer's market photos from Columbia City's last farmers' market of the season. Pumpkins and other gourds, apple cider, and root vegetables in abundance.


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