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A night of sleep

Hit what I hope is the bottom on the insomnia thing yesterday. Four hours of sleep Tuesday night, then spent yesterday with lots of anxiety, a stressful day of constant running around (bus to the Seattle Refugee Women's Alliance, a trip to Queen Anne, a trip to the shipping supply store, two trips to two different post offices, a trip to UPS, a stop at Kate's school and a short stop at the farmer's market as long as we were right there, a stop at the bank, another trip to Queen Anne...) topped off with getting stuck in traffic (so that it took me a full hour to get back to the house on what should have been at most a 20 minute drive) and having to turn right back around to return the Flexcar on time (plus the joy of having to take three buses home in the rain from the Flexcar location because I'd gone after the Freedom 7 car to maximize my hours). Dinner wasn't on the table until 9:00! Sucktastic. I think I saw Pramas for all of two hours, Kate slightly more than that because she was in the car with me after school.

I brought a notebook to bed and right before I fell asleep I made a list of all the things, both personal and work-related, that were on my mind. I listed everything I hadn't gotten around to yesterday (from big things like filing quarterly taxes to small things like ordering a bus pass for November), rolled over and went to sleep.

And slept all night! Yay!

Now, one night of sleep isn't enough to erase weeks of sleep deprivation but it's something.


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