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Project "Weekend Together" = Success

For the first time in a month, Chris and I spent the weekend together without having to work. It was touch and go for a while, as Chris thought he might be called upon to do five or six hours of work Sunday afternoon... but we dodged that bullet. Chris has been exhausted and I've documented some of my insomnia and other troubles already so I suppose people have some understanding of how crucial this weekend of uninterrupted relaxation together was. Only one phone call even threatened to inject work into the weekend and that was quickly deflected. Neither of us spent much time at the computer, either, lest we accidentally get drawn in.

Instead we watched movies, slept in, delved ever deeper into Season Two of Lost (we've only got the last four episodes of Season Two to go), drank coffee and ate bacon, went to one birthday party, and just generally had the time that a weekend should be. Tomorrow it's back to the grind but at least we finally, finally had a couple of days to recharge a little.


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