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Travel Garbage

I don't react well to uncertainty. I don't "transition" well: I want to be HERE or THERE but I hate the in-between stuff. When planning events (travel, a dinner party, our convention presence) I prefer to do it far in advance and in as much detail as I can manage. I like things to be settled.

The last couple of months have sucked in that regard. After GenCon, Chris was supposed to travel on two different weeks and I planned accordingly only to have the travel plans (which hinged on others with whom he was supposed to meet) fall through at the last minute, two weeks in a row. The last three weekends have been Chris traveling to Oakland, the Green Ronin Summit, and Chris traveling to Ft. Wayne, IN for the Alliance Open House. I believe on the 21st we will finally have a weekend to ourselves!

When Chris was approached to go to Oakland, it was over our anniversary and he did ask me if I wanted to go make a weekend of it. We could have gotten a hotel, maybe stayed in the area an extra day or two, something to celebrate together. I told him no, that it was okay, we had another trip to take in November as well and I'd rather we plan to take the money we'd have spent on bringing me to Oakland (where he had game store appearances and other very non-anniversary focused things to do) and plan to make it up on our November trip, which fell across my birthday anyway. I had everything in place for November (my mother put in for vacation time and planned to travel up from Oregon to stay with Kate, my ex- amazingly also agreed to take Kate for additional time around the trip) and even though we would be scheduled to be in business meetings on my birthday, we were going to be able to end the trip in a bed and breakfast and attend the wedding of a dear friend. Because I like to have everything sorted out for things like this well in advance, I had everything in place... except the people we needed to meet with now can't meet with us at that time after all and the trip has had to be canceled. A huge disappointment, considering the number of other people who stepped up to cover everything in anticipation of my being gone, not to mention that at this late date it's too late to salvage the birthday or attend the wedding.

The end of the month is the GAMA Trade Show booth deadline, six months out from the show. Convention planning for summer 2007 is about to begin; when most people are planning for Christmas, I'll be sorting out what we're going to do about summer convention travel. After the last several weeks of ups and downs, and the high intensity of the Green Ronin Summit still fresh in my mind, I am cringing at the thought of convention travel. Pramas and I have been passing each other like shift workers (he gone to Oakland, me gone to OPI, then the summit keeping us busy from morning til night, now he gone to Alliance). Possibly after Thanksgiving, when we can take an actual four day holiday break together, I'll have the internal fortitude to steel myself for convention prep. Today? Today I just wish that I wasn't facing another weekend of being a single parent, that Chris was spending the weekend at home, able to have Sunday breakfast with us, catching up on TiVo and just generally lazing around.


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