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Summit Day Three

Day Three of the Green Ronin summit was much more subdued. After a long day of working and an active night out at the Can Can, I picked the guys up early so we could get breakfast and squeeze in a trip to Snoqualmie Falls. Those who were here with us last year remembered joining us for breakfast at Cafe Flora and the breakfast was, as always, excellent. Schwalb enjoyed my usual favorite of Hoppin' John cakes, greens and cheese grits while several others went for the gingerbread pancakes. Bill devoured some delicious-looking blackberry French toast and I tried a savory tart that included apples and puff pastry. Just the thing before a strenuous nature hike!

Last year we took Steve and Hal out to see Snoqualmie Falls and it was so nice we decided to do it again. The local boys gave the trip a pass in favor of sleeping in a little longer and Jim had come into town early to visit friends who took him to the falls themselves. Hal rode out with us but decided to save his back and not make the hike to the base of the falls with us. Bill, Chris, Rob, Steve and I make the hike (which is always perfectly nice going down and kicks my ass on the way back).

Sunday's meeting was the most intense because we had many important decisions to make and the team members were not always in agreement on what the best course of action was. General fatigue also began to weigh on me (and I assume everyone else) so we wrestled with things as best we could and beat some vexing issues into mostly satisfactory resolution. I did nothing fancy for dinner this time around but instead ordered in pizza and pasta from Piecora's.

As always it's been great to get the whole team together outside of a convention. I laughed my ass off all weekend. We have such a great, funny, irreverent, creative group of people! I hope the summit was the right mix of work and play for everyone else. Even though I drove a thousand miles this week I'm personally feeling pretty good about things.

Later this morning I'll get the hotel settled, get Bill to the airport, pick Kate up from her dad's, and later tonight I'll be going to hear Frank Rich for my first Seattle Arts and Lecture program of the year.


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