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Busy Weekend

Tonight we're hosting dinner Geek Dinner #77 of Stormhoek's 100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days.

Stormhoek is a South African winery looking to increase its marketshare through some unconventional internet marketing. With the help of Hugh MacLeod (and his intense interest in what he calls the "Global Microbrand"), Stormhoek is reaching out to geeky wine lovers all over. You supply the party, they supply the wine.

And so, with the general theme of "Game Designers Assemble!" we sent out the invites. We have a great cross-section of game geeks scheduled to descend on the house tonight. People who have run game companies large and small, convention owners, designers of card, board, miniature, roleplaying, MMOs and console games.

Today there will be prep for the party and cooking, lots of cooking. Tonight there will be food and wine, conversation and general good times. Perhaps even some blogging.

Tomorrow we've been invited to brunch at Chris and Bill's "new" place (new in that it's the first party we'll have attended there since they moved in last year) and I do still have it in the back of my head that I might want to hit Volunteer Park for the Outdoor Theater Festival to see the guys from the other night's Heavenly Spies event do their Hamlet gig. Or, I might just collapse into an exhausted heap and call up some Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare on the TiVo.


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